Cracked Windshield? Tips to Help You Get It Fixed for Less


A cracked windshield can happen to anyone at any time. You find yourself riding behind an 18-wheeler when suddenly a large rock comes hurtling out from under one of the monstrous tires and strikes your windshield, causing a large crack to form almost immediately. Or, the situation doesn't have to be as dramatic because something as small as a change in temperature can cause your glass your break. No matter how it happened, you need to get your cracked windshield repaired ASAP.

Listed below are some tips you can use to get your windshield repaired at the best possible rate.

First Stop:  Your Car Insurance Company

The very first place you should call for windshield repair assistance is your automobile insurance company. You might think that you won't save very much by going this route, but the truth could be completely different.

Comprehensive and collision protections provide you with first-party protection. This means that if you hit a guardrail or strike a tree you can still get the vehicle fixed even though there are no other parties involved. Windshield repair falls under the comprehensive and collision umbrella with one caveat: there is often no deductible when you just need to have your windshield fixed!

Contact your insurer and ask them about windshield repair. Even if you don't carry comprehensive and collision coverage, the insurance company may have a policy in place where policyholders are only responsible for a small portion of the total windshield repair bill.

You Might Live In A No-Deductible State

Some states recognize the dangers of driving with a cracked windshield and want to make it as easy as possible for motorists to have their auto glass repaired or replaced. These states have enacted a policy where you can have your windshield replaced at absolutely no cost to you.

Laws change all the time, so even if you live in a state that doesn't have the zero deductible rule, you might be in luck. Stay in close contact with the United States Department of Transportation so you can get real-time information about whether or not your state has jumped on board and is now offering windshield replacement free-of-charge.

Getting your windshield repaired is a safety measure that protects you and everyone who rides in your vehicle. Use the resources listed in this article so you're able to have your windshield taken care of and looking good once again.


26 February 2020

How A Cracked Windshield Impedes Driver Safety

Getting a drivers license is a milestone in a person's life but it also comes with a huge responsibility. Safe driving is of utmost importance when anyone is behind the wheel of a vehicle. While we've all been warned about drinking or texting while driving, we should also be aware of the dangers of driving with a cracked windshield. We started this blog because we want drivers to know about this dangerous practice. While reading the articles on this site, you'll learn about windshield cracks and why it's essential to contact a mobile windshield repair service as soon as you can to protect your safety and the safety of others.